Thank you, broken washing machine

This is my friend, Nicci. She is drop dead amazing and I got to spend almost an entire day with her yesterday because her washing machine broke and she had to do a load or two. Even though winter is knocking we got a sunny Sunday.


We went walking on the Sea Point promenade – only my favourite strip of walk in the world – and ended up at La Perla where we had some of the most wrongfully overpriced calamari I hope to eat in my lifetime. Our waiter was Indian and he smashed my glass by accident.

Marcus, who joined us, had the idea of merging Nicci’s face with Nelson Mandela’s. Marcus is German and loves trance music. We ended with up legs swung over the promenade railings eating banana pancakes and discussing church, drinking and dating as the sun went down.

The way the sun sparkles on the sea is one of my favourite things. Who needs diamonds.

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