is the #selfie the poster child of social media loneliness?

This week ‘selfie’ was added to the Oxford dictionary. My British roots compel me to accept them on this basis but I’m not going down without a blog post.

People in the gym, people trying on onesies, people who are feeling particularly fresh on the mountain… Alone.

The only capacity in which I have ever used this type of self-by-self photo is in trying to establish whether or not I am having a bad hair day by capturing, as nimbly as possible, the back of my head.


Recently, I felt I was having an uncharacteristically good hair day and emailed this picture to my mum and brother, who responded as they ought to someone who has been losing the battle against curls for over 25 years. I nearly Instagrammed it, the #selfie almost had me.

As a community manager, my craft is drawing people in with social media. I believe excellent and thoughtful content can add joy, fun and value to people’s lives. Like hedgehogs eating plastic dinosaurs.


I watched a video last week, called The Innovation of Loneliness, that really made me think. Perhaps the #selfie, defined by Oxford as:  

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,

is the poster child of social media loneliness?

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