Life is like a top-knot

I have curls. This morning I got up and scraped my hair up into a bun* and thought about the fact that the very best buns I tie are always without the mirror. It’s like, when I don’t think about it too hard it just goes better.

imageWhen I start trying too hard I end up doing it a million times with clips and try-hard strands and it looks not kiff. Then I realised this is like life.

If I do what comes naturally and from my heart, what is genuine and is spontaneous it seems (most often) to go well with me. It’s like walking down a flight of stairs you know so well but stumble on as soon as you look down. When I think too hard, rip things apart in my mind and start to over-analyse and wonder and worry – then goodbye plan sailing.

Which is why I think life is a like a top-knot.

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