Six things learnt in a month of London

A friend got in touch yesterday and asked how I was and why there has been no blog post for a while. Truth be told, I have started a couple of posts but none of them have ended up seeing the light of web. 12:46am on a Thursday seemed as good a time as any and my thoughts turned into six things I’ve learnt since moving.

1. CityMapper is the best 

There are a couple of apps I love (Uber, Shazam, Snapseed, AirBnb) but of all of them CityMapper is my new bestie. It’s been my brain for navigating the streets, suburbs, sites and outskirts of London. When I had no phone service for a while, it was like I had cut off my head. London A-Z, step aside.

2. South Africans have high standards of cleanliness

I’m not going to elaborate on this too much but I have realise what is taken for granted in South Africa – people coming and cleaning our homes weekly or even twice weekly – simply doesn’t happen over here. You clean your own bath or it grows a skin.

3. Apple pay you for your old devices

I switched to an iPhone5S and got £120 for my 2+ year old iPhone4S. What a bonus!

4. Getting upset is a choice

Recently, I was winding up to get emotional about a work-related thing and at the fork in the road a friend of mine said to ‘just be professional about it‘. Something in my head just clicked. An expression of professionalism is to not get emotional but remain steady and unoffended in the midst of chaos. Acknowledging a mistake is one thing, letting it dent your self-esteem and having a wobbly is another.

5. Bulgaria is really cheap

I’ve had to book accommodation in a couple of places lately – including London, Istanbul, LA and Sofia – and was gobsmacked by the price differences.

6. God is with me, big time

Through a turn of events, I found myself without accommodation and sleeping on a couch on Saturday. The place I had planned (and paid) to stay fell through. I decided not to worry about it at all and just carried on with my weekend. Within 24 hours I was unpacking my bag at a lovely and affordable place where I’ll be staying until end August. I was lifted there with all my luggage by an angelic friend and the dates worked perfectly for me, and for them. The way I see it, it was pretty miraculous.

These six things I have learnt this month.



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