A felt shop, ceramic poppies and tasty places

London sure is full of wonderful things to sporadically do. If one is not careful, there is no time left for anything routine. This weekend, I have my eye on a couple of fun things.

Sew Fantastic!

Lis told me to go and check this out, and boy I will. I learnt to handmake felt when working for Mielie and it is so cathartic! All those little woolly fibres coming together beneath ones thumbs and locking together to make sheets, pom poms and such. Good for Lucy Sparrow and her Cornershop.


Nic told me about this one. A beautiful display of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London to represent lives lost in WW1 as part of the 100 years on commemorations. I think it will be quite profound, and magic. And will make me think of my precious grandfather who served as a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 15.36.51

Eating out is lovely here. I’m meeting a new friend for lunch at The Shed, which looks grand. She hasn’t been there before but as a self-described Indie spot, no doubt I will fall in love instantly. And I’ll be stepping out for dinner at The Angler Restaurant which looks equally grand.

London weekends, you can stay.

2 thoughts on “A felt shop, ceramic poppies and tasty places

  1. I’ve been completely fascinated with those ceramic poppies since I read about them in the paper. Definitely going to go see them.

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