New skill? Public transport possession forgetter

It is always exciting when one discovers something new. Through a series of recent events – namely two – I have established once and for all that I am a bit of a scatterbrain. I unfortunately seem to be very good at leaving things of value on buses and in taxis. One such time turned out well, the other not so.

2014-07-25 17.04.28

This is similar to the view the person who removed my phone, bank cards and brand new sunnies from my bag would’ve seen as they did so. Except it was night time so it would have been rather darker. My most recent expensive lesson is that though Britain is an honest country (and my bag was handed in to London Transport Lost Property within a couple of hours) it is not so honest that bag-contents remained untouched if left on the seat.

On the contrary, while in Bulgaria last month I left my wallet on the back seat of a taxi and had it returned all in tact. The driver had insisted I took his number with the hope that I would book a day trip with him and I’m glad I felt too awkward to refuse his business card because I was able to call him and sheepishly ask if he could please come back.

2014-09-24 09.48.21-2

Am I sad my phone is gone? Yes. But without it I have had the most wonderful, gentle and vivid week. To be uncontactable and only able to pick up and send messages when I am behind my laptop, has been joyous. And I have found myself looking at things more, writing more emails and being more present.

It is actually very tempting not to replace my iPhone or to get an unsmart brick that would only need charging once a fortnight and I could dropkick without fear of smashes and cracks.


But of course, I will replace it. Something I have been thinking about since a friend said it a few nights ago is that “there is no life in getting caught up in the minutiae of people” and that we ought to “allow our perception and opinion on people to form in broad brushstrokes and over time“.

I like this! It strikes a death blow to my tendency to nitpick like a crotchety old lady peering over horn-rimmed spectacles. It means there is room for bad days, for grumpy moments and glitches in the matrix of one’s carefully lived out life when your flesh fights back and you say or do something you instantly wish you could take erase forever. Down with the minutiae!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 00.50.47

In other news I have bought a piano and am greatly looking forward to learning some epic tunes and inadvertently performing for the neighbours. Some people have crying babies, some party into the early hours of Friday night, some shriek and fight – my contribution to the neighbourhood noises will be scales, arpeggios and if I get my act together, some Chopin.

As for my new skill of public-transport-possession-leaving, let’s hope it needn’t become a trio!

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  1. Oh no, Bean! So sorry to hear about your bag 🙁 But brilliant attitude. I can totally relate once again 😉 As awful as it is, it’s good to have these occasional reminders of what really matters. I cannot wait to sit with you and drink tea while you fill the room with glorious music! xx

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