20.01.2017 The Ancient Witness

A morning new, turned over again
Mist hanging as still as breath
Waves marching in parallels
To break on ancient rocks rugged
Movement as slow as the evening
Awakening, sighing towards the shore

Waters, where have you been?
Where have you rested, wrestled, been?

The sun shines its story
A silent testament to the years
The days, the notches marked on
A stone captive’s wall
Again arising, marking the time
That passes
That always passes, always rises
Always begins again.

A crash! A spray! The ocean laughing
Throwing up her hands
The rushing breakers, know the way
Ever rolling, carried along as
Constant as the fiery heavens
Water alive, speaking, listening
Deep, high, wide
The world’s shore
The ancient witness.

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