06.02.2017 Breaking Together

I want to be someone who sees
Not the bad, the bad, and the worse
But the glimmer, the rips
Of heaven breaking in.

There are a million moments each day that break
Our hearts, our hopes, the threads
Of darkness knocking
Bruising forwards
And casting crowns.

Bad news of a fallen saint
The merciless advance of years
A life snuffed
Before a breath could fill lungs
The wickedness that creeps in
Us all
The good, the evil line that runs.

The world is breaking, breaking.

But then ā€“

I want to be someone who sees
Spots light shining
The resistance of sojourners that treads the darkness back
Pressed together palms
An upward gaze
A song:

The woman poor
Watching the sunrise over gleaming sea
With a smile on her face that says
She is content, that says: ah ha
Here am I in the tunnel but Iā€™m moving

The man weary
Streaked hands put to careful work
Mending a rucksack in morning light
Neat stitches learnt a lifetime past
And resurrected to mend a friend.

Amidst the drudgery, the sludge and the sick
Between the fear and screams
The shock and whip of a broken world
Long nights awake restless.

Amidst the words and waiting that break us open
There are glimmers and snatches
Of a world beyond
That will break us back together.

In our witnessing, healing.

The light is fighting back.

I want be someone who sees.

One thought on “06.02.2017 Breaking Together

  1. Really enjoyed this, Marina! Reminded me of Switchfoot lyrics and in particular, “Your scars shine like dark stars…Yeah, the wound is where the light shines through.”

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