20.01.2017 Where was

Where was I when you formed the earth?
Where was I indeed.

Hovering form, almighty strength
Majestic creation and concoction
Forming of all the known
The felt, the seen.
Where was I when birds first flew
And embers sparked.

Where was I when mountains
Made way for sea
Moon first hung and shone bravely
Where was I when leaf unfurled
(The first to soak the sun!).

Before my life began you’d seen it’s course
Before a word is on my lips you know it,

Creator, the great imaginer
My beginning, my end
Where was I when you formed
My clay: before you lit my eyes
Beat my heart
Breathed my lungs
Flickered me to life.

Where will I be
When life carries on again
After spirit and flesh part briefly
To meet again and walk in the garden.

When I wake you are still with me.

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