04.05.2017 The last blink taken before leaping

Go, she said.
Go write a poem.
And my heart sang and rallied
And shouted its call.

A poem! A song!
A release! A stream!
A river tide of washing words
To wring out and fling wildly.

A flood from the inside
Breaking up and out
Whirring and clicking
Probing and reaching.

A poem about?
Love, and its losing
Death, and its cold choosing
The fire, the flicker, the flame
Of life and living and jumping.

All the moments you’ll remember:

Sunsets coming alive on water
Upward gazing at scattered stars
Waves that bend and break the morning
Autumn leaves swirling as if conducted
Forests fresh with streams for plunging
Waterfalls to scale with strong arms and spiders
Hands to grasp, and hold tightly.

A last walk in a red leaf vineyard
Shaking steps, bent frames, together
And then the tears.

Life is a single white breath on a mirror
The pain, the panic, the piercing
The last blink taken before leaping
The moment you finally break
Only to find you’re still running.

Go, she said.
Go write a poem.

* A task for a creative writing class

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