22.05.2017 Sunshine on a black dress on a bus

Sunshine on a black dress on a bus
A life transported from a southern faraway
Grafted into the grit and grime and cold
Drinking in deeply the familiar burn
That crackles through fabric to skin

And there it is –
Almost missed in the hustle
A collision of stars and hopes and everything

One of those fleeting moments
When it feels like it really will all be okay
That in fact, the world is conspiring for you
That doors will swing open and birds sing brightly;

When you open your eyes and the curtain flutters
A cotton cool greeting;
When tea brewed in careful hands
Is sipped like a balm that’s worked for centuries;
When your heart bursts and it seems like
Anything is possible.

The moments when everything you hope for
Care about and reach for
Is there, before you
Just for a glance
Enough to say: keep going
Keep marching
Don’t look back
Never give up
Never give up

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