19.10.17 Let’s go back to the lake

Let’s go back to the lake
When all we worried about was the cold grass
The colder paving
Reminding you of Grey College
And me of childhood
And you, your world.

Three friends with enough in common for comfort
But distance enough to gently hold
And hold gently

A wooden castle
Sinking slightly under our weight
Mist curling in
We stand and watch the trees and shore

It’s always time to go before you’re ready
When the going is good
When the corner is hiding life’s next card:
What’s coming for you? For yours?

Cherishing connection
The briefest glimpse of content
For it’s flicker
Adding another precious moment of alive
To your heart’s treasure store
And moving on again, and again.

* written after an icy swim in Lost Lake, Whistler 

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