20.04.2018 Spring

It’s as if the world is in on a secret
Releasing bright blasts from the beyond
Sunlight patches that hit your skin
In happy announcement.

Memories from seasons gone
Flood back like warmth:
Hampstead walks, lido swims
Breakfast time in the garden
Your laugh, my own gentle footsteps.

Spring is here and with it, everything begins again:
Parading dogs wag a little wider
Cream shoulders are bravely bared
Daffodils sway and turn to look
As humans wander by.

Leaves dance on tiptoe, branches glimmer
Alive, with beams breaking through.
Blue sky forgotten, makes its return,
Lifting souls at a glance.

Possibilities stretch ahead:
Summer, sunsets, sunburn, siestas
Wet hair, hot stones, ice blocks clinking
Bare feet on afternoon grass.

The bursting, bright, heady hope of spring.

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