08.01.2020 A life full of days

Farewells aren’t easy 
This we know
Hands held tight and final gazes
Slip through one’s fingers 
Like wind through the trees 

But when two or more lives have been lived
In step and together
With shared understanding of what is true 
Important, to be fought for, and prized:
Farewells are lighter

Something is carried as we part
Beyond flesh, bone, and blood:
The smell of the sea and mountain walks
Gentle music, sunsets, smiling eyes
An architect’s way of seeing the world 
Passed down
Forever etched and remembered.

From dust we’re made and to it we go
Some young, some old, some weary
Some readily, some lingering
But if that horizon that awaits us all
Arrives when we have lived –
Loved much, seen the world (and sailed it too!) –
Who’s to say all is not as it should be?
What regrets can there be for a life full of days
Grey peacefulness of age with a still youthful twinkle 
For the evening star.

A poem for my father, self-described as in the departure hall of life.

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