“As part of the UK leadership team and in her role as UK Head of Marketing, Marina has played a critical role in successfully launching Mollie in the UK – growing the brand, base of happy customers and revenues. She’s an all round top-class marketer able to work across channels and competencies while combining creativity, genuine customer-first thinking and an exceptional ability to execute. She’s a pleasure to work with and an excellent representative of any team or business, forms strong relationships and is highly regarded both internally and externally as a result.”

Josh Guthrie, Managing Director, UK at Mollie

“Marina has a wonderful gift of being able to quickly understand and enrich company culture, humanise product, and then encapsulate it into authentic brand marketing materials. She’s a wonderful team player, story teller, wordsmith and community builder. Navigating all layers of business with plenty of EQ, IQ and agility.”

Mark Forrester, entrepreneur and early stage investor (WooCommerce co-founder)

“Marina is one of the best marketers I’ve ever worked with. She has a tremendous capacity to come up with clever, warm, and human copy and campaigns. What’s always impressed me most is how she brings an empathetic heart and a listening ear at all times – the result is more interesting work, from happier and more collaborative teams. I’ve seen her grow from a strong individual contributor to an excellent team lead, and I’d feel grateful to work with her again.”

Aviva Pinchas, ex Growth Manager at Automattic

“Marina played a huge role in establishing the Yuppiechef brand voice and early marketing strategies. She was key in creating a much-loved brand and helped us navigate the early days of social media, blogging and digital advertising. Marina also helped establish our culture and values. She is fun to work with, but with immense depth of character and personal values.”

Andrew Smith, CEO and co-founder at Yuppiechef

“A star performer at Automattic, and one of the most talented managers at the company. Her ability to define and articulate a vision, and inspire others to translate it into action, made her invaluable.”

Catherine Stewart, ex Chief Business Officer at Automattic

“Marina and I connected a few years ago in London and her consultative approach to marketing strategy were key to the early stages of shaping Bankuet. In May 2020 – in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown – she kindly came to speak to the 100+ Bankuet team on remote working. Drawing upon her first hand experience of remote working and culture she helped us execute our strategy to scale up and help those who need food get it.”

Robin Ferris Founder, CEO at Bankuet

“Marina is a joy to work with. As a marketer, she employs considerable insight and – crucially – genuine empathy to craft content that truly speaks to customers. Her passion and authenticity shine through, and she’s always thinking of new ways to connect with and empower users. I would have her on my team in an instant, and highly recommend her to others.”

Gareth Allison, Designer at WooCommerce

“Marina prepared and coordinated a social media workshop for the Cape Union Mart and K-Way marketing teams. Her presentation was stimulating, and challenging – which is exactly what we wanted! She gently showed us that we could aim for something higher, and then helped us work towards that goal in the months proceeding the workshop. Good presenter, great communicator, and very personable. “

Nicholas Bennett, ex Marketing Manager at Cape Union Mart