Product Marketing 

You have marketing and you have a product team. How well are they interfacing and working together? Product Marketing is an interesting little discipline that sits between the two. It’s about how you product shows up in the world – also known as product/market fit – and the way in which you need to position it to get your ideal customers to take that important next step towards you.

This service includes:

  • Initially, just working with you to identify if your business needs a product marketing boost
  • Developing positioning for your product(s) or new features – including market and competitor research
  • Building landing pages, marketing and sales assets, and go-to-market strategies with clear KPIs and measures of success
  • Allocating appropriate spend across channels to meet goals
  • Executing launches
  • Coaching internal stakeholders to think like product marketers

Example of product marketing work:

WooCommerce Mobile App Launch, 2018: collaborated with the developers and designers to lead the launch our new app with a landing page, ASO for listings in Android and iOS stores, launch email, launch blog post, and social media posts.