Customer Experience World (it’s not a theme park)

In December last year when Yuppiechef was in the midst of our Christmas rush and it felt like the world was a big blurry watercolour picture, a friendly lady called Maggie Wheeler phoned from the UK and asked if Paul and I would speak at a conference in Johannesburg in March.

We both said yes and will be making our way to The Hilton in a few weeks to share some Yuppiechef stories about customer service, social media and building a happy brand community. 

The name of the conference – Customer Experience World – sounds a lot like it’s a theme park. Which makes me think of Theme Park and Theme Hospital, computer games that I was obsessed with when I was younger (bloaty head? what on earth). And I imagine a big theme park for customers where they could go and have a fun time with really amazing service all the time (no queues, phones that got answered immediately, free coffee, beautiful packaging, smiling delivery people who never call at 6am)… But in seriousness, I am looking forward to leading a workshop at CEW.

Bring on 25 March. And remember the awesome Slideshare from Gary Vaynerchuk? My book arrived today, perfect timing methinks #getintomybrain.

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