Spreading some community love on Instagram

I love Instagramming for Yuppiechef. It is hands down one of my favourite job-things and from ridiculous staff antics behind-the-scenes of HQ to guinea pigs, us doing gym during lunch and kitchen loot – we sure have a mixed bag.


Our very first snap was posted on 28 December 2011 and today I shared our 450th photo which is particularly special:

imageI decided to do  these cards about six months ago – inspired by something similar done by Jimmy Farly – and it’s kiff to see them in the flesh today. The idea? To pick some of the loveliest #yuppiechef Instagrams shared by our community and print them onto little cards to pop into Yuppiechef.com orders.


The cards include the @handle of the Instagrammer who took it as well as this caption explaining them:

Share your #yuppiechef moment on Instagram and we might just make you a tiny bit famous

It’s a fun way of profiling some of our loyal community members as well as nudging customers out there who use Instagram to share and tag their #yuppiechef pics. So far, it seems the people whose pics were chosen are stoked. Test run of 1,000, we’ll see how they go.

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