Making a splash with captions on Facebook

Something I love to do is concoct Facebook captions, especially for Yuppiechef. My brain loves the process of tweaking until they feel just right. It feels like being a word artist (read acrobat).

Caroline found a cute little picture of a goldfish wearing a shark fin that she pinned, and I loved it and wanted to share it with the YC Facebook community but was a bit stumped over a caption. Rather than trying too hard and coming up with a lemon, I decided to ask them for their suggestions…


Over 500 comments came rolling in and the post got a pretty solid organic reach of 17k+. The winning caption was a quirky poem from Luke Solomon:

A scrawny young goldfish named Finn,
was perpetually teased for being thin.
Now his weight still decreases, but he wears a prosthesis
and so nobody dares say a thing!

Check out this blog post with the 7 x runner up captions here. People out there are funny, it sure pays to pick their brains sometimes.

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