The power of a strong eCommerce persona

One of the things I strongly believe in when it comes to building rapport with customers online and over social media is have a strong brand voice. And when I say strong, it is an obsession.

Working with a great team of writers and content creators at Yuppiechef, we’ve built an entire philosophy around this and have brainstorms about ‘If Yuppiechef were a person’ and such.

When I write captions on Instagram, tweet and speak as Yuppiechef, I imagine constantly that Yuppiechef is a person. Because we are.

Because this is a passion (there have been tears over typos) I was really proud of the mention we got in an article I read this morning:

Yuppiechef, an online kitchen and home store based in South Africa, is a great example of an online store with personality. Their Twitter account focuses on lifestyle rather than hard-selling, and the copy on their platform is welcoming to new visitors.

It’s wonderful when the universe throws you some confirmation that the agonising, debates over adjectives, punctuation and hundreds of hours spent crafting the words for Yuppiechef over the years, is working.

Read the full article here.

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