A farm wedding and a fat cat

This week I’ve been in Durban which has been fun. I came up with the dual mission of running a Social Media workshop for Tevo and to partake in the glorious farm wedding of an old friend. Both were awesome.


My friend from UCT days, Steve, invited me to share some learnings with the Tevo marketing team and then lead a brand workshop and practical session with their Community Manager. It was a long haul, I spoke pretty much non-stop for eight hours, but I really enjoyed it and so far the feedback has been that it was valuable.

I think one of the most important things about leading workshops is the environment one creates for people to discuss, debate and realise things. If I am a nervous stressball people are not going to leave particularly inspired. So mental preparation and a good night’s sleep are possibly the most important things!


On Friday afternoon I visited my surfing friend Mark in Durban city and met the fattest cat in the world. She is named Cardi, apparently after Bacardi (a type of alcohol) but I think it’s actually just an abbreviation for cardiovascular…

The farm wedding on Saturday was wonderful, a typical South African affair with eclectic tables set with plates, cups and cutlery gathered from friendly neighbours and dotted around a gently sloping lawn; dogs and toddlers waddling about; fizzy lemonade and roasted salted nuts; butternut soup to start; a lekker potjie and a spread of delicious desserts. The day ended with us all sipping hot chocolate around various fires, patting Snoopy the oozing beagle and reminiscing. 


I met Gisele when I was seventeen and on my first day of orientation to the University of Cape Town and Fuller residence. That’s twelve years of knowing, praying, encouraging, arguing and memory-making. A grand collection of old friends made the trek to Bainsfield to celebrate her and I’m grateful I got to see many of them again before I leave for London.

Who knows when and where the next memories will be made.

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend” – John Leonard.