Do colour co-ordinated folders for phone apps save time?

A little while ago it occurred to me that I spend quite a lot of time flicking around my iPhone or staring at the screen looking for apps in the sea of dots that are my selection.

I had put them in folders by function (banking, travel, random, random II etc) but then wondered: would arranging them by color make a difference in my location speed?

I guess it was a little test of whether my brain was best guided by color. Also I thought it would probably look nice. And I was bored on the bus. So I tried it.

And, I love it! Without being able to explain exactly why, I navigate more quickly to find certain apps with them in these little folders.

And I have convinced some of my friends to try, and they like it too:

Exhibit A: Gemma


Exhibit B: Talisa Jane

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.15.30

Suffice to say: try it!

The best part is naming your folders things like Skittles and Fruity. And noticing trends in app colour design (blue logo on white for banks is actually the only one really).

If you do try it, holler back yo.

5 thoughts on “Do colour co-ordinated folders for phone apps save time?

  1. This is great, Marina. Maybe I should try it myself – although in all fairness, most of the time, I use the search option on iPhone. Takes me less time than going to the actual app.

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